VIBORG VF512R connector IEC C13 Pure Copper RHODIUM Ø20mm

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VIBORG VF512R connector IEC C13 Pure Copper  RHODIUM Ø20mm

The VE512R serie power connectors are designed to for high quality power cables assembly.

They have a robust clamping system which ensures great stability from 6 to 20mm⌀ and are therefore quite suitable for HiFi cables with a large diameter.

A pure copper conductorensures superior conductivity that will enhance the qualities of a well-built power-supply, benefiting all subsequent elements of the installation.

Finally, the assembly is protected by a lightweight aluminum housing with a elegant design. This material also limit any EMI / RFI interference that might impair the signal.

Connector Type IEC C13
Contact materials pure copper
Max cable diameter 6-20mmØ
Plating contacts copper RHODIUM
Max conductors dimensions Diameter: 8mm
Section: 50mm²
AWG: 0
Voltage / Current AC 250V / 16A
Dimensions 63.7x40mm / Length 81.5mm
Screw Hex / Phillips
Color Silver
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